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This conference take the actual theme: “Optimizing The Role Of Institutions And Mutually Beneficial Partnership In A Multi-Discipline To Enhance Competitiveness In Asean Economic Community And Global Era” and classified in 4 Clusters as follows:

1. MANAGEMENT and BUSINESS Cluster with the theme "Optimizing Management and Business Strategy in Empowering Quality and competitiveness".

2. IT Cluster with the theme "Utilizing Advances in IT to Support Excellence Institution in All Sectors".

3. HEALTH Cluster with the theme "Enforcing Competence of Health Workers in Improving Health Care Quality Excellence".

4. SOCIA-HUMANIORA Cluster with the theme "Building a social network to Support the institutions performance”.



Target of this international conference participants who has close relevance in Health Cluster, Management in Business Cluster, IT Cluster and Socia-Humaniora Cluster such as follows: Rectors/Heads/Directors of Indonesian Universities, Dean/Head of Study Program, Lecturers, Teachers and Researchers, Graduate, bachelor, diploma students, High and Vocational School, Practitioners and others. Every participants should wear Batik in order to reach the “Original Rekor Indonesia (ORI) Award”



We are proud to announce that the International Conference will be held in Bandung Intercontinental Hotel on August 2nd-3rd organized by Politeknik Piksi Ganesha Bandung in best collaboration with SEAMOLEC-AIC Indonesia. English and Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of the event. We welcome paper submissions. Prospective authors are invited to submit full (and original research) papers.

Prospective authors from universities or institutes and industries are invited to submit an abstract and paper by email before the deadline. Papers should be submitted electronically, formatted in MS-Word, as guidelines.

            Scholars, practitioners, researchers, educators and other parties from all disciplines are invited to attend and present papers related to their fields of expertise and based on the conference theme: "Optimizing the role of institutions and mutually beneficial partnership in a multi-discipline to enhance competitiveness in Asean Economic Community and Global Era". The theme will be further divided into 4 Clusters : Health Cluster, Management and Business Cluster, Information Technology Cluster and Socio-Humaniora Cluster.




Medical Science (MSC)

Medical Records (MRE)

Nursery (NRS)

Mid-Wifery (MWI)

Hygiene and Sanitation (HES)

Nutrition (NUT)

Health Promotion (HEP)

Public Health (PHE)

Health Education (HEE)

Pharmacy (PHA)

Hospital Service Management (HSM)

Information Technology (ITE)

Computers (COM)

Information System (IST)

Programming (PRO)

Electronics (ETC)

Animation and Multimedia (AMM)

Security IT (SIT)

Telecommunication (TEL)



Economic Science (ESC)

Administration and Management (OFM)

Financial Management (FIM)

Personnel Management (PEM)

Marketing Management (MAM)

Strategic Management (STM)

Public Relations (PUR)

Service Excellence (SRE)

Islamic/Sharia Management and Banking (ISM)

Communication (COM)

Sociology (SOC)

History (HIS)

Culture (CUL)

Linguistic (LIN)

Religion (RLG)

Local Language (LLG)

Foreign Language (FLG)

Art and Design (ARD)

Broadcasting (BRO)

Philosophy (PHI)

Abstracts and Full Text Paper should be in ENGLISH but  for PAPER PRESENTATION could be in ENGLISH or BAHASA INDONESIA. The event committee has the right not to review incoming papers should the quota be met. All papers that presented in the conference will be published online in