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Building the Innovative and Reflective Communication in Socio-Cultural Societies


Indonesia has the diversity of the local culture that can be used as an asset that can not be equated with the local culture of other countries. Indonesia’s local culture is different in each region. Each region has a typical culture, such as traditional house, traditional clothes, dancing, musical instruments, or the customs adopted. All of it can be used as a power to be able to strengthen the resilience of the nation’s culture in the eyes of the International.


Local culture becomes a source of cultural resilience of the nation, local cultural unity that Indonesia is a nation that represents the cultural identity of the Indonesian state. To that end, local culture should be maintained properly and that the inherited culture of the nation remains strong. Constancy holds the values ​​of local wisdom (local wisdom) are communicated in an innovative, will make all findings/new ideas in science are presented to the public for positive social change.


The lack of a culture of communication, the ability to communicate is essential in order to avoid any misunderstanding about the adopted culture, which then led to disputes between tribes that will impact the decline in the nation’s cultural resistance.


Lack of learning culture, learning about the culture, should be fostered. But now many have not considered the importance to learn the local culture. Yet through the cultural learning, we can know the importance of local culture in building a national culture as well as how to adapt to the local culture amid the times.


Then the existence of the International Conference on the topic that bridge science with innovative communication, is expected to become a bridge for young people to learn and to absorb a lot of new science and technology in accordance with the culture that was followed. Cultural approache is expected to bridge cultural distance, which do exist between the Indonesian culture and foreign culture. Thus, the mastery of many competencies can control not only limited to the language per se, but it has reached the level of applications in accordance with the native culture that is worth absorbed and applied to the lives of the people of Indonesia.


Building the Innovative and Reflective Communication in Socio-Cultural Societies

Communication Management (CMA)

Journalism, Advertising, Mass Media (JAM)

Language and Communication (LAC)

Sociology (SOC)

History (HIS)

Culture (CUL)

Linguistics (LIN)

Religion (RLG)