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Competitive Advantage for Health Investment to Create Independent Societies


Health investment is not utilized to its full potential to support effective and efficient care due to fragmented information creation and storage. Health investment systems are typically isolated, within hospitals, physician practices, laboratories, or pharmacies.


Numerous factors in our society emphasize the need for changes to this state of isolated, fragmented health investment system, one of them is the importance of health information. Nowadays, the people require access to vital information in different locations. Many obvious patient safety and quality issues arise in the handoff of patients among providers that fail to share necessary information. Natural disasters displace individuals to locales with unfamiliar providers and can destroy or render inaccessible existing health information repositories. The growing use of pharmaceuticals and associated recalls of drugs from the market may call for immediate identification of affected individuals. Finally, the likelihood of serious pandemics calls for rapid identification of ill persons and accurate immunization histories. This al needs a good health investment across the nation.


The International Conference on this topic is hopefuly can bridge science with innovative way to create a competitive advantage for health investment to create independent societies, and expected to become a bridge for the people to learn and to absorb a lot of new science and technology in accordance with the health and medical record field of study.


Health and Medical Record

Competitive Advantage for Health Investment to Create Independent Societies

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