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Greetings from Deputy Director of SEAMEO SEAMOLEC


SEAMEO (South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization) in accordance with vision and mission to develop modern learning and spread knowledge and science, we give support to all higher education institution fin Indonesia who want to enhance quality of human resources. Thus, we open and give support to Academic International Consortium of Indonesia (AIC Indonesia) to organize in academic filed both nationally and internationally.

We also welcome to AIC Indonesia to open national and international collaboration with education institution, included in this collaboration with Politeknik Piksi Ganesha to organize International Conference on Knowledge and Sciences.

Let’s join in this international event to make strategic partnership to enforce competitive advantage in its institutions and industries as well.


Welcome to Indonesia International Event...



Dr. rer. nat. A.B. Susanto, M.Sc

Deputy Director SEAMOLEC Indonesia


Greetings from President of AIC Indonesia

As a part of mutual education organization consortium in Indonesia supported by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC, Academic International Consortium of Indonesia (AIC Indonesia) very welcome to collaborate with Politeknik Piksi Ganesha Bandung to present International Event called “PICKS 2017” or “Piksi International Conference on Knowledge and Sciences 2017. This is 2nd event held by Seamolec-AIC Indonesia.  

Since inaugurated on February 17th, 2016 by SEAMOLEC in Jakarta, AIC Indonesia has already 71 members of consortium in Indonesia and always open to all Indonesia colleges both university, higher education, polytechnics and academy in Indonesia to be a board of consortium member in AIC Indonesia and also 15 Foreign Universities. We are sure that we can do everything together in bridging international quality in the future. And started from this event, we are going to make collaboration in MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Signing both national and also international colleges. For member AIC Indonesia, can also add MOU Signing especially with other universities that have not cooperated and for new member of AIC Indonesia, we can do a lot of MOU Signing at once both with national and international institutions.

Many thanks for all members of AIC Indonesia. Have a nice event and be success.


Welcome to Indonesia, The Inspiration Country.....




Dr.H.K.Prihartono AH., Drs.,S.Sos.,S.Kom.,MM.

President of AIC Indonesia